dileep dileep

At 'Dileep' we believe that art is a form of love. For the past three decades, our artisans, under the guidance of renowned international designers, have been exploring this love and narrating the story of natural elements to people across 30 countries all over the world. This wide range of customers has now become our patrons and cherished family. With our handmade products, we have been providing a contemporary appeal to our age-old traditional patterns and amalgamated with our artistic range consisting of materials like ceramic, terracotta, glass, paper machie (ecomix), metal and more.

Our joy lies in the little bit of beauty that we add to the world around us every day. We believe in creating original and inspiring collections for our clients. Our range reflects the very best of craft and design that become statement lifestyle products. Growing personally and professionally, we strive for a perfect liaison of timeless tradition and art in every statement piece we produce.

When we started our journey in 1990, it was only handmade products – small personalized items, each crafted to perfection by a small team of artisans. There are a lot of workers who are with us to this day, and in some cases, their sons and grandsons are maintaining the art form alive with us.

We have certainly come a long way since then! Today, we have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Jaipur, fully automated and producing high-quality items for the most discerning clients the world over. The design has always been our first love. To impart a timeless flavour to our products, we have been hosting renowned international designers to work with us for years. Our designs narrate an exquisite story, and are a perfect blend of international make and traditional patterns